A great TIP: Its a good practice to always back up your device at least once a month if possible or prior to taking it anywhere to have it repaired, sold, or traded in for an upgrade. Also if you are selling or trading it in then I would advise a complete erase and restoration of the software back to factory settings. Depending on the type of device you have there are several options for backing up your device. If you have an android system you can use your gmail account to back up your device or use an Android file transfer application or a cloud storage which involves storing data on multiple servers that are generally hosted by third parties. If you have an apple device like an iPhone, iPad, or iPod then you have the option of iCloud which is hosted by Apple and you are given up to 5 GB of free storage and if you surpass the 5 GB then you will be charged an annual fee depending on how much storage you use the fee will increase in increments and will cost you more each year unless you backup your backup and erase it from the iCloud servers which can be a hassle which is why I choose iTunes which is in my control using the itunes download on my PC and you have unlimited free storage or at least as much as your computer has free space available. This is also great to have access on your computer as if you want you can transfer data to a flash drive or other storage device to be able to share or use on another computer elsewhere. In any case If you have your device backed up frequently then you minimize losing any precious or irreplaceable data like photos, video’s, text messages, or contact information. Don’t wait til it’s too late! Accidents happen unexpectedly and if your prepared then you wont be sorry.


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