Sparks and Reno iPad Repair Services

Reno iPad repair services at PhoneTastic Repairs in can quickly diagnose your issues and have most repairs completed within the same day. We have most iPad replacement parts in stock. Some of the more common issues that we see daily in our Reno iPad repair services are cracked iPad screens, cracked LCD screens, iPad water damage repair, iPad power issues such as not holding a charge or the iPad not powering on and iPad liquid damage. Regardless of what issue you’re experiencing, bring your iPad in for our Reno iPad repair services – we’ll take a look at it and if it can be fixed – we’ll have you on your way with iPad in hand as soon as possible!  Contact us today!

Reno iPad Repair Services

Micro-soldering & Motherboard Repair

We are certified in micro-soldering and motherboard repair.

We have successfully repaired many common problems from damaged charging ports, audio ports or headphone jacks to more complex issues usually from liquid damage like corrosion or even shorted out devices from faulty or defective chargers. If you have the need for micro-soldering we have an extensive array of devices we have successfully repaired.

A brief list is:

Cell Phones, Laptops, GPS system’s, Camera’s, Flash drive, Car remotes, TV or Stereo remote control, Antique Telephone, Reel to reel video tape recorders, Garage door remotes, golf buddy, electric guitars, amplifiers, etc.





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