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Reno iPhone Repair Services

We know that it’s tough to be without your smartphone – Reno iPhone repair services at PhoneTastic Repairs, can complete most iPhone repairs while you wait! With most iPhone replacement parts in stock, many of the more common issues that we see in our Reno iPhone service repairs, such as cracked iPhone screens, touch screen function issues, your iPhone not powering on or holding a charge, home buttons, stuck volume button, audio jack issues, speaker or microphone problems many times can be completed while you wait. We also service and repair iPhone water or liquid damage. This usually is a more extensive repair and usually will require a drop off depending on severity.  Stop in at PhoneTastic Repairs in Sparks for all of your Reno iPhone repair needs!

A good TIP for better odds of recoverability of a liquid damaged phone or device is to never plug in your device after being liquid damaged. The liquid is conductive and corrosive and when plugged in to power can result in shorting out components and further damaging your device. To increase the odds of the repair of your device and recovery of your precious data from water or liquid damage, you should take your device to a qualified repair facility. And with liquid damage, the sooner the better. We are here to help, give us a call.

We specialized in Apple devices and have most parts in stock for current and previous generations – most repairs same day – many while you wait!

Reno Samsung Galaxy Repair Services

PhoneTastic Repairs provides excellent, Reno Samsung Galaxy repair services. Why be without your Samsung Galaxy any longer than you have to? We have most parts in stock and can address the most common issues, such as cracked Samsung Galaxy screen repair, Samsung Galaxy liquid damage repair, scratched or otherwise damaged screens, no power / not able to hold a charge, charge at all and Samsung Galaxy water damage repair, with same day service on most repairs. Bring your Samsung Galaxy in and let one of our friendly and qualified Reno Samsung Galaxy repair specialists take a look at it.

Battery Not Holding a Charge / No Power

If you have cell phone battery related problems such as overheating or low charge storage, we offer repair services that are fast and affordable. Not only do we accurately diagnose the issue your smartphone or tablet is experiencing, but we have the expertise to decide on the best repair strategy. Our electronic device repair team works on everything from cracked screens, water damage and liquid damage, to a host of power issues.

Screen Repair

One of the most important components of your cell phone or tablet is the screen of the device. The screen is also the most sensitive part. It consists of a digitizer and LCD. If your screen gets damaged, the mobile device difficult to use, if it still functions at all. Screen damage has become a common problem for mobile devices. PhoneTastic Repairs, Sparks and Reno tablet repair, is able to replace smartphone or tablet screens, saving you the expense of replacement. Often, when screens are not working properly, they can be replaced instead of needing to replace your device. We can accurately diagnose these problems.

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